Enry's Island is an incubation and acceleration platform and corporate open innovation that boasts a series of competitive advantages and unique best practices on the market, validated in 15 years of experience, evident in our past, present and future.


We have a lot of real experience "in the field", managerial and entrepreneurial, in innovation and finance.


We are the Italy’s No. 1 and Europe’s #6 Incubator/accelerator (Crunchbase ranking), with strategic connections all over the world of innovation.


We are ready to scale and become a world leader as the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse.

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Portfolio size grew from 8 to 27 startups between Q1/18 and Q4/21


Invested per year: up from €513k in 2018 (Q4/20)


Portfolio startups value in Q4/20


Success rate of a startup supported by Enry’s Island

The organizational model, processes, and tools of Enry's Island (and of the startups in the portfolio) are based on the Enry's Model, validated and used by over 700 entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

This is one of our main keys to success. Become a part of the Enry's Island ecosystem

Don't miss this interesting interview with Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, Enry’s island CEO, broadcast on CNBC.

Discover the method behind our dizzying growth that has allowed us to become the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse in the world.

In Enry's Island, each stakeholder uses HUI, a unique Saas suite which allows the management of every business function and process, monitoring every KPI HUI has "social" features, which allow the construction of the international community of Enry's Island HUI also makes the Fundraising activity more efficient, through its Equity Crowdfunding functionality

Enry's Island

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Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Get a complete view of all the activities that the Enry's Island team is carrying out, through automated KPIs generated in real-time. Invest in safety and transparency!

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Enry's Island Metaverse Scale-up

The industrial plan of Enry's Island provides for investments in the 3 layers that make up Enry's Metaverse.


The corporate structure and architecture of Enry’s Island have been designed to scale rapidly, from a dimensional, geographical and strategic point of view, to create and consolidate best practices in each business function, owned by different local companies (LC). We are evaluating the incorporation of 6 LC, owned by Enry’s Island Italy, and different local partners for each of them.

Enry’s Island increases the quantity and quality of its skills to invest in its startups (risk reduction, increase in the value of subsidiaries).
Enry’s Island opens local companies that distribute and extend coverage on international markets (according to an innovative distributed and not replicated model) (local companies in Latam, UK, and Spain are already under evaluation)


Our constant attention to the future has allowed us to plan (already in 2018) the evolution of Enry's Island “from Platform to Metaverse (new global trend).
The market is now ready to welcome the first Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse.
As Facebook declared this is what it wants to become for social network users, Enry's Island has already planned to become on the global scene for venture capital startups.

Enry’s Island implements metaverse technological infrastructure, through investments in HUI (its subsidiary), to scale up the efficiency and effectiveness of its processes and create branding.


To support the expansion (quantitative and qualitative) of the global community of Enry's Island, we will invest and implement our physical infrastructure, together with our portfolio company Rinascimento 5 (R5) and our local company based in Spain. This will lead to a number of physical places for all of our community's needs (sleep, eat, work, fun), in urban and rural areas. All these places represent the physical nodes (3rd layer) of our “holistic” metaverse (like the telephone booths in the movie The Matrix).
In addition, the interior design of the most representative places will be provided by our portfolio company Expace (expace.design), which is specialized in experiential furniture for smart workers.

Enry’s Island implements physical infrastructure (underlying and necessary for a metaverse with solid grip on society), investing in R5, increasing the quantity and quality of high-quality living spaces (in villages around the world)

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Support now the Enry's Island scale-up process, already in place, to boost dimensional change (in terms of quantity and quality) and be part of the innovation revolution! Find out more about the different types of investments available and the benefits we have reserved for each investor.


Incubator & Accelerator No.1 in Italy, No.6 in Europe, No. 61 in the World (Crunchbase Ranking, Sep 2021) A great media exposure, for Enry’s Island and its startups, which has been consolidating over the years.

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